Wednesday, April 08, 2009

These Shoes Are Made For Walking...

Samhita at posted this photo with just the title "Women As Closet Furniture." Which does apply rather nicely.

But there's much more to that picture. Take the contrast between the vulnerable naked softness of the woman and the hardness and shininess of all the objects piled up on her.

Or notice how the shoes are walking all over her, while she reclines in a position which is servile and at least looks painful.

Or notice the hand that helpfully stretches out to offer a case to the imaginary male owner of all this abundance.

Or notice how it's impossible for her to move and how she appears to have an orgasm and how there's a slight tinge of violence all over the picture.

None of this would matter in a world where all kinds of images of women (and men) were available. Of course pigs fly in that world, too.