Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lizard Brain Politics

I have nothing against lizards, nothing, but humans are not supposed to do politics with nothing but their lizard brains, and I see far too much of this going on. International politics is not the World Championships In Dick Measurement. International politics concerns stuff where real people can die, and dicks are not relevant for the discussion.

Thus, it doesn't ultimately matter if George Bush held hands with a Saudi prince and if Obama bowed to one. Adults can do stuff like that without finding their loins endangered, though the acts themselves are always worth analyzing from a more adult angle.

Neither does it matter if Obama doesn't brag and boast enough on his foreign trip. If anything, bragging and boasting after eight years of the same from George Bush left nobody convinced about his penis-size. Rather, it left most foreigners (yes, I know they don't matter for conservatives) angry and wary of this country, and that certainly was part of the problem Bush created. So Obama has to pour oil on the waves. That what he says is regarded as important all over the world should be enough for those who somehow equate their own value with the supremacy of the United States.