Monday, March 09, 2009

Goody Two-Shoes

I had the misfortune of reading the original Goody Two-Shoes story, misfortune, because its moral is an odious one. Nevertheless, it serves as an introduction to the fascinating topic of shoes. Or the way they are used to describe people: well-heeled, down at heel, a woman with round heels.

A woman with round heels is one who is easy to get on her back, I learn, though that term is now rather ancient. But what would a heelless woman be called? Here's a picture of the new Nina Ricci heelless shoes (the first pair on the left):

They might be good for kicking someone, but I doubt having the balance of the body weight on one's toes that way does much good to the spine. If we need to wear impossible-looking shoes I'd like them with little engines and wings and possibly coffee-making facilities. And rhinestone snake embroidery.