Thursday, March 12, 2009

And Some More Happy News

Spring is a-coming! Sniff the air, notice that round yellow thing up in the sky, hear the squeaking of the birds (the more musical ones are not here yet)! If you put your mind in your toes while standing quietly you can feel the earth pushing. New life being birthed.

And president Obama restored funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA)! The global gag rule removal and this restoration mean that the American pro-lifers no longer can release their anger at the women of the world. That is very good news.

Ross Douthat is the new New York Times extra-conservative columnist. He's taking Kristol's place in the columnist stable. Probably switching his tail at all the flies buzzing around Maureen Dowd while chewing the conservative oats with fellow-wingnut, David Brooks, to take the horses-in-stable analogy too far.

Even that hiring is good news, because I've been waiting for a good sarcasm-target. Sometimes a goddess must work very hard to turn yet-another-male-conservative hire into good news. But it will be fun to take a magnifying glass to Mr. Douthat, to see what might be hiding under his hat and to poke around there a little.