Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chronicles of A Dying Culture: Hooter’s Swim Suit Pageant Edition by Anthony McCarthy

A fellow insomniac told me last week about flipping through the cable stations in the early, early morning to see women in bikinis having stuff sprayed to their bottoms. It turned out to be a contest sponsored by what is widely considered to be the mildly pornographic restaurant chain, Hooters. My friend noticed something familiar about the spray can, though he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was spray adhesive that he’d used on the job to attach Formica to wood. He showed me a can he had in his basement. It looked distinctly dangerous and considering the kind of solvents and other chemicals those kinds of things contain, it probably is.

Here’s what a “FOX Sports Blogger” says about it.

The Secrets of the Pageant

The girls have this magic concoction that keeps the bottoms of their bikinis in place. They call it butt glue. In actuality it's an acrylic adhesive that they're getting sprayed onto their posterior. I wonder if the manufacturers know that what their making is being used to hold bikini bottoms in place. That would make for a whole new marketing campaign. Do you need to attach lightweight foam to something? Do you need to prevent your bikini from riding up? Use our adhesive. And apparently it's not fun to take off. I can't imagine why. I mean it seems natural that you're supposed to apply it to your skin and then rip it off.

Bring something like Hooters up in the blogs and you'll get yelled at for infantalizing women, for "disrespecting their choice". Does anyone really believe that thinking, informed adults would do this as a matter of choice?

Do read the blog and count the number of men associated with this mentioned by name as opposed to the women. It's a good indication of who are considered people in this and who are considered interchangeable objects.

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