Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Thirteen-Year-Old Assures Me This Is Not Cool* by Anthony McCarthy

A man took his computer in to be repaired:

- I hope you can fix it.

- What seems to be the trouble?

- I don’t know, it just keeps getting slower and slower and things just stop working.

- Well, let me see. The technician opened up the case and looked in.
Oh, yeah. I figured that might be it. There’s a little man in there throwing manure all over everything.

- What!?

- Here. He reached into the case and pulled out a tiny man with a pitchfork in his hand.

- But! But! That’s..... impossible.... unbelievable.

- Naw, see it all the time. What you’ve got here is your basic farmer in the Dell.

* As she tried to suppress a smile.