Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's Talk About Size

I appear to be writing a lot about sex these days, without ever offering anything delectable to you, my hawt readers. This post is also likely to disappoint, even though I was going to call it "How Long Is Your Penis?"

Here's the thing: When I follow very angry debates in the cybersphere (say, between commenters on a blog and trolls), a common slur against a commenter who is assumed to be a man is to call his penis very short. Here's a random example of this:

Life's a drag when all you have to pull is 4.0, uncut.

The e-mail spam I get also suggests that the market believes men to be worried about the length of their penises.

But why? Long penises are not an advantage in intercourse. Neither the clitoris nor the g-spot are located far up in the vagina. In fact, what IS located there is the very pain-sensitive cervix.

This suggests to me that worrying about penis length is not about sexual prowess but about something else.