Monday, December 08, 2008

A Quick Thought For The Day

This has to do with the alcohol post right below and the one below it, the one where I linked to a piece about the fragility of male animals to environmental pollutants.

Have you ever thought about how many pieces in general are written about the fragility of women's bodies? They are more likely to get damaged in sports, running too much makes them stop menstruating, osteoporosis will get them if they don't get lots of calcium, their livers can't cope with drinking, their lungs can't cope with smoking, they have higher rates of depression because of all those female hormonal changes and so on and so on. Whether all or any of this is true is hard to tell sometimes, because the reason for such pieces isn't purely a sincere medical interest in the well-being of all the little ladies.

Yet women live, on average, longer than men.