Monday, December 08, 2008

Cardboard Cutouts

You probably came across this picture and the attached story last week. (By the way, if you're looking for a cheap-and-safe brain-scrambling alternative for alcohol, check out the comments thread to that WaPo blog post. It makes you scream and scream, it does.)

What's interesting about that frat party picture: The guy on the left is Obama's new director of speech writing, and the guy on the right also wears a t-shirt saying "Obama staff". The woman in the middle is a cardboard cutout. Don't know how she got invited to the party, but she probably never read all those warnings about frat boyz.

Nah. She's just cardboard so fooling around with her is A-OK. Don't we all do that when young and silly and so on? Of course we weren't speechwriters for the president-elect then, and some of us just stole traffic signs (Note: That's a dangerous thing to do and not mentioned as a nice harmless counter-example. It's mostly mentioned because I don't edit much).

Oh. And some of us weren't the right sex to grab the tits of cardboard cutouts. Don't know how I almost forgot that part.
Suzie Madrak has an interesting take on this.