Friday, April 18, 2008

Protecting our rights from “marriage amendments” (by Suzie)

           Last Friday, I took a humorous look at the proposed Marriage Protection Amendment to the Florida constitution. Other states have considered similar amendments, and some people want to pass a federal one.
          Some straight people think the amendment would affect “only” gay people. In a recent debate, however, Nadine Smith pointed out that the religious right isn't all that keen on heterosexuals living in sin, either.
          Nadine Smith is executive director of Equality Florida and co-chair of Fairness for All Families. The Orlando Sentinel reported that she
focused on two things: 1) that gay marriage is already illegal in this state. ("The day before this election, same sex couples can't marry," she said. "The day after this election, same sex couples can't marry.) 2) And the fact that this amendment could actually take away rights from unmarried couples (straight and gay) when it comes to things like healthcare and end-of-life decisions. ("You do not protect your marriage in any way by taking away other people's rights.")