Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pope Posting

Holden Caulfield pointed out the red shoes the Pope wears in this picture. What are they all about? Part of the uniform? And why red shoes with a white dress? Though I do like them.

Kathryn Lopez at the Corner of the very conservative National Review has the oddest post about the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal and Ratzo's visit:

The Church has been through a great humiliation, yes. What was done to children is inexcusable and a grave sin and shame. The pope knows this, acknowledges this, prays for forgiveness and renewal, and leads the way toward forgiveness, renewal, and a renaissance of orthodoxy. The pope genuflecting to CNN and the Boston Globe isn't going to do anyone any good, however. As officials with a worldwide view of the Church note, the Catholic Church in the United States is, in the big picture, a story of some great successes — in education, health care, etc. The Church has to continue to do what it does best — serve, teach, preach, love. And Benedict's top priority while being here is shepherding. And that's what we'll be seeing more than anything these next few days of his visit — with his rod and his staff ....

Is she really trying to crack a very iffy joke here? That's how it reads to me. Perhaps I'm just very very naughty today.