Friday, April 11, 2008

Just in time for Mother’s Day (by Suzie)

        A PR firm sent out this news release: “Plastic surgery has become extremely common among mothers with young children. In 2007 more than 400,000 women with young children underwent elective cosmetic surgery in the U.S. alone. As any parent will tell you - children are very perceptive. It is nearly impossible to hide a plastic surgery transformation from your children. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer takes this contentious topic head on with a new children’s book, “My Beautiful Mommy,” to be released nationwide this Mother’s Day on May 11th – there is no book like this out there. This book is designed to celebrate beauty and to explain to your child what to expect when a parent undergoes plastic surgery - from the initial consultation to the final result. For children ages 4 to 7.
         "Synopsis: Throughout the plastic surgery process young children can become confused. During the initial consultation they may ask themselves questions such as: “Why is Mommy going to the doctor? Is Mommy sick?” If these questions are not addressed the child will often imagine fantastical scenarios to fill in the gaps of information they are lacking. This phenomenon becomes more pronounced after the surgery. Once mommy is home and the child sees that mommy is bandaged and bruised, they can become even more worried and inquisitive. Finally, when the bandages come off and mommy looks somewhat different, their confusion may lead to responses that adults may find inappropriate or hard to understand."
          Publisher: Big Tent Books. $24.95
          I don't need to comment, do I?