Monday, December 31, 2007

Some Good News and Some Housekeeping

The Pretty Bird Woman House, a shelter for the victims of domestic violence, got enough money to open! And largely this was due to those who gave on various blogs. Thank you all who donated. This shows some of the good the netroots can accomplish, and it is also very good news at the end of a year which has mostly not been full of them.

I promised in some earlier comments threads to write a post on choice feminism today, but when promising that I forgot that it's New Year's Eve. Not the best time to put up something I'd like lots of people to read and also not the best time for me to write it while also trying to find something to wear for tonight. The topic needs and deserves a little more time, and I'm going to delay the post two three days. My apologies to anyone who clicks here today for nothing.