Sunday, December 30, 2007

Man Bites Is News Posted by olvlzl.

It used to be a point of pride, NOT having grown up foolish enough to think the New York Times was the greatest newspaper in the world. That was before nyt corp bought the paper of my infancy, The Boston Globe, gutting it as they did to other once fine newspapers they parasitized*.

So I’m not surprised to see that Bill Kristol has been hired to lie on it’s op-ed page. Irv and Gert’s boy has a record of being entirely fact free and wrong but he has what it takes to get hired by the nyt. Sulzie is a real sucker for those who are allegedly intellectual but who will never cause him to be answerable to the oligarches at a dinner party.

Kristol’s hiring by the most pretentious rag in the English language is not news. As usual, The Good Roger Ailes says it short and sweet.

* I will never forgive them for taking one of the finest weekly newspapers in the country, The York County Coast Star, and turning it into a social column covering Kennebunkport during the Bush I regime. The New York Times corp, is in the business of destroying papers, running them into the dirt.