Saturday, August 25, 2007

On Bulldog Snouts As Chick Magnets

Here's another absolutely hair-raisingly interesting popularization of yet another study, courtesy of Fox News:

Guys with bulldog-like faces have been chick magnets throughout human evolutionary history.

A recent study of the skulls of human ancestors and modern humans finds that women, and thereby evolution, selected for males with relatively short upper faces.

The region between the brow and the upper-lip is scrunched proportionately to the overall size of their heads.

Among the men who fit the bill: Will Smith and Brad Pitt.

Well, no. They did not FIND that women selected for males with relatively short upper faces. They just speculated that it might be so. If men indeed have relatively short upper faces now it may have a completely different explanation. Something to do with health, say.

Nobody now living was around to watch how those prehistoric chicks "selected for" men, assuming that they were allowed to make those choices themselves.

I'm really sick of this crap. Really sick. The most vomit-inducing sentence:

This facial development was also accompanied by a shrinking of guys' canine teeth, so men appeared less threatening to competitors, yet attractive to mates.

I'm trying to imagine all those prehistoric men with gigantic canines and loooong faces who never got any, while all those bulldog-faced teeny-teethed men had a long waiting line on their dance cards.