Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh, Another “Debate”. Posted by olvlzl.

Any Democrats who are organizing one of these spectacles called "debates" should really ask themselves some hard questions. I’ll leave the purpose they’ll be put to aside, other than to point out that until now they have served as a means for the corporate media to chip away at the strongest candidates in preparation for their coronation of whatever Republican is nominated.

But, George Stephanopoulos “moderating”? A man who was mentored and made a someone by Democratic politicians only to go into the corporate media and use his position to drive a shiv into the same people? Another like Russert and Matthews, two others ill chosen as “moderators” by clueless Democrats of the past

There is no one, not a single person, in the commercial media who should be trusted to “moderate” a Democratic event of any kind. And that includes Lehrer. How many betrayals does it take for the kinds of Democrats who organize these things to learn that they are Republican shills? Anyone who has organized them into such a good position to damage our candidates should also be shunted aside for people who have a clue as to what our media is really all about. The star struck and their insider pals should have nothing to do with that part of a presidential campaign.

I haven’t chosen a candidate to support but if one of them refused to participate in one of these dog shows, answering questions from a known traitor to the Democratic Party, they’d have my full attention.