Thursday, July 12, 2007

Looking For A Few Good Feminists

To start a blog on feminist issues in various fields of research. When I was writing my four posts on the Evolutionary Psychology article in Psychology Today I looked, in vain, for another blog that could take the task on. There are science blogs that do that, true, among many other tasks, but we really need blogs which dedicate themselves to this issue.

Why? It's always seemed to me that misogyny has three pillars on which the whole structure is supported. They are fundamentalist religion, misogynistic quasi-science and violent and misogynistic popular culture. These look like pillars to me, not only because of the phallic aspect, but because almost any argument against women's rights finally comes to rest on one or more of these supporting pillars. Right now the forte of feminist blogs is in criticizing and fighting the popular culture. Religion is covered, but less often, and science is covered only rarely.

I may be wrong about this. Perhaps I just didn't search long enough. But I'd dearly love to see more feminist blog coverage of religion and quasi-science.