Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler

C.M.O.T. Dibbler is a character in Terry Pratchett's science fiction books which take place on Discworld. Dibbler is not really a criminal but an entrepreneur. From the back of the Discworld books:

Usually seen selling some kind of food in a bun (no matter how questionable its origins), C.M.O.T. Dibbler is always on the lookout for Discworld's latest business opportunity (again, no matter how questionable its origins). Not a man who asks questions, in fact, and he would prefer if you would also keep off ones like "what's in this sausage?"

Well, sometimes truth is stranger than science fiction:

Chopped cardboard, softened with an industrial chemical and made tasty with pork flavoring, is a main ingredient in batches of steamed buns sold in one Beijing neighborhood, state television said.

The report, aired late Wednesday on China Central Television, highlights the country's problems with food safety despite government efforts to improve the situation.

What can I read now to escape reality?
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