Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Thanks,

To Echidne a great blogger, her hard work has produced one of the best blogs I know. It was a complete surprise to me last August when she invited me to be one of the guests covering her during her vacation, a great honor. And it was an even greater one when she took me on here weekends. It has to be noted that I've got some different ideas about things and there were bound to be some fireworks. Life doesn't follow the prescribed definitions and roles given to us by the media, social institutions or pop-culture. And then there's the length issue. I never felt less than entirely free to explore even the most off-the-wall seeming ideas and to call into question any commonly accepted idea. For that I thank the owner of this blog.

And I thank the members of her community who have read and commented on my ideas. Some have pointed out flaws in my arguments, some have shown me that I expressed myself badly. It's better to be corrected than to continue in error, even if it doesn't always feel that way.

And I thank those who have wished me well in my illness. It’s really more obnoxious and annoying than dangerous so don’t worry too much.

I didn’t, however, share with Echidne an even more painful and arduous trial which is about to overtake me, it is certain and it is guaranteed to happen on schedule. Within the week I am going to be under assault by a child who will harangue me to read her “the seventh book”. A word of warning. Think twice before agreeing to read a pre-literate child the first in a projected series of seven books. It won’t make any difference that she turns out to be in the top percentile of readers of her age group before the end of the series is published. Except she can catch your mistakes.