Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Embroidery Blogging

I haven't had one of these for ages, mostly because I no longer have time to embroider, except with words. Or perhaps I've been having one of those creative pauses. Who knows? But I have a new idea in mind for a large wall hanging:

An Angry Chicken

It's going to have really frightening teeth and glowing eyes, while marching from right to left across the field. Very muscular and long-legged, with electric feathers and the talons should be frightening. It will leave an egg behind as it marches.

What do you think? A different kind of femininity? Or female power? Chicks and so on.

The more mundane reason is all those buttons I have, from always buying up old sewing baskets with their contents at yard sales and flea markets. I have ended up with a lot of buttons, and a pointillistic chicken might be a good way to use them in some creative way. I even have some rhinestone buttons which might work for the glowing eye. Or eyes. But I think a profile view is better.

Sigh. I haven't even finished the happy devil family yet.