Thursday, May 17, 2007

Melanie Morgan and the PBS

Melanie Morgan will not be invited back to the PBS' News Hour because of the complaints from the viewers about her rudeness. Morgan is a right-wing radio talk show host who once said that she:

"would have no problem" with New York Times executive editor Bill Keller "being sent to the gas chamber" if he "were to be tried and convicted of treason" for the paper's reporting of a Treasury Department program that monitors international financial transactions for terrorist activity.

I am glad to know that saying such things wasn't held against her by the PBS and that she got one chance to perform on the News Hour. Glad, because I am a blogger and we are well known to be uncouth and vicious, yet some of us may still harbor the dream of meeting David Brooks in person. PBS has shown itself capable of facing the challenge.

More seriously, Morgan's presence at the show had probably more to do with the conservative takeover of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and its effects, as exemplified by the past reign of Kenneth Tomlinson. But the political winds might be changing.
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