Sunday, May 13, 2007

Death Throes of Democracy.

Posted by olvlzl.
Why would The American People put up with conservative politicians and other assorted and connected war mongers who blanket the media talking as if they were an inconvenient detail to be overcome or ignored? Bush’s invasion of Iraq is a total disaster, the various PR campaigns that sold and sustained it have fallen apart one after another. Even the sanitizing filter, the corporate media, hasn’t been able to block enough of that reality from a majority of The People. When the Bush cult could point to poll numbers and election successes which suggesting “support for the commander in chief*” they were happy to claim political support for the invasion. Now a war that never passed the truth test has failed the test of time, the various lies used to promote it have worn through and majority of The People have woken up to reality. But the corporate establishment who have been able to change their war slogans on a dime have changed their line on The American People.

Today’s media line is that the invasion and occupation of Iraq is not the business of The American People, it is the business of the generals, or at least of those who haven’t distanced themselves from the disaster and those who respect the law more than their career advancement. It’s turned upside down now. Now the war is held to properly be beyond politics, the only real expression of the popular will. The strict constructionists now see war as none of The Peoples’ business, except when it comes to getting killed and paying. The war is too pure, too noble to allow politics, which is nothing less than the expressed will of The People, to interfere. You wonder what their line will be when the current crop of generals covering for the boy-king have failed. What lie will they sell next?

It has to be noted, once more, that it is the free press, the so called voice of The People, that now carry the Bush lie that The People should just butt out and let the Bush regime and their most recent rotation of generals and flacks drag it out. There are even feelers talking about American military involvement for at least a decade.

This is the line of a late stage and decaying empire, not of a democracy. Democracies fail when the cultures that are their only support turn away from the values necessary to sustain them. We are losing ours pretty fast. Saving it won’t be entertaining, it will be hard work. It won’t be broadcast on TV.

* “Commander in chief” is a phrase that should be expunged from our vocabulary. That’s the title for the leader of a military junta. A media that adopts it for the President of the United States is guilty of treason against democracy.