Monday, April 16, 2007

A Spoonerism

In my mind. I was reading various newspaper headlines and saw this one:

Bush makes impassioned plea for war cash

I read it as:

Bush makes impassioned plea for car wash

The sad thing is that the latter really makes about as much sense right now, given that the surge in Iraq, with its policy of controlling Baghdad, seems to be working by driving the violence into the outskirts of Baghdad and into other cities in Iraq.

And Bush's arguments in the piece following the "car wash" headline are also unlikely to work. He insists that the surge will make us safer here in the U.S., but most signs I see suggest that the surge will make more terrorists, and the more terrorists there are the more likely it is that they will strike on the American mainland one day, to take vengeance for the deaths of their parents, spouses or children.