Thursday, April 19, 2007

From Echidne's Mailbag

A new website, Media Action Board, is up: is focused on calling out gender bias in the media. This is a community board to bring your outrage and insight and do something about it. Do you have an example of outrageous use of gender stereotypes or misrepresentations in media? Find out who we can contact to complain about it and then post it here to make it easy for others to follow your lead! Did you write a great letter that got a response? Share it to inspire and motivate others! What about those of you who have examples of media getting it right? We want to hear about that, too, so we can encourage more of the same.

Check it out. It's a service that was sorely needed, I believe.

The National Women's Law Center has an art competition for young artists:

To kickoff NWLC's 35th anniversary celebration, we're excited to announce a national art contest for students 13-19 years old! The winner will receive an award of $500 and their work, along with other chosen works receiving honorable mention recognition, may be featured in NWLC materials and on its web site.

NWLC is looking for visual artwork, such as photography, painting, Flash animation, and other web-based media, that creatively depicts the contest's theme of "expanding the possibilities for women and girls".