Sunday, October 01, 2006

Republicans Want To Make It Impossible For Citizens

to keep tax-free religious groups from using their status to campaign for Republicans.

Why are Republicans trying to take away your right to bring a lawsuit?

"If the pastor is doing the right job, the people will automatically vote for the right person," said Gale Wollenberg, who belongs to a conservative evangelical church in Topeka, Kan.

At a recent rally in Pennsylvania, Focus on the Family founder James C. Dobson told a crowd of 3,000 that it would be "downright frightening" if Republicans lost control of Congress. If there's a good Christian on the ballot, he said, failing to vote "would be a sin."

Perhaps the biggest loophole is that churches can campaign on policy issues — even if that effort benefits a particular candidate. Scarborough, for instance, has spent a great deal of time far from his Texas parish, rallying Christian voters against an initiative promoting embryonic stem-cell research in Missouri. At his events, Scarborough makes a point not to mention Missouri's Republican Sen. Jim Talent, who is in a tight fight for reelection.

But in private, he says candidly that he expects — and hopes — his efforts will give Talent a boost. "If a pro-life candidate benefits from Christians being involved, to God be the glory," Scarborough said.

See why they have to lose control of the Congress?