Tuesday, October 03, 2006


A couple of announcements. First, I'm planning to update the blogroll in the near future. Now that I've written it down I must do it, too. What I'd like to know is the value of a separate category in the blogroll, one for political and feminist action sites rather than blogs. Do you think it would be useful?

Second, for some odd and probably sick reason I want to write a series of posts on how to understand basic statistics in the way they are used in polling, for example. Would any of you read this? The impetus came from reading one too many bad interpretations of the margin of error in polls. I've already written some of the posts during bouts of divine insomnia, but they don't have to be posted here.

Third, my series of posts about travels in wingnuttia is not finished. I have at least one more to go, on the topic of the corrupt culture and the views on that held by groups who have different value systems. But I'm still reading stuff on that. When I post the third instalment (how many ls?) I will also give the links to the first two, so that they can be enjoyed as one long meal.