Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Schizoid Blogging

I'm beginning to separate into two personalities. One is a horribly rude blogger, trying desperately to turn the Democratic party into a party of rabid extremism and thereby digging its grave for the next hundred years. This one, with fangs reaching from here to Arkansas, can't be listened to, can't be ignored, must be ridiculed. This is the one who gets her kicks from imagining the slaughtering of American soldiers in Iraq. Or so Rush Limbaugh tells his faithful ditto-heads.

Then there is the other personality. The middly-mudly one, the one who doesn't blog enough on fisting or anal sex or anything really interesting, who isn't really feminist enough or angry enough or capable of building real internet communities. Who isn't doing enough grassroots work, isn't getting people involved in politics. Who is too much a wimp.

One of these is an externally constructed persona, the other one is a product of my internal videos. The two are right now duking it out in the backyard, using garbage can lids as shields and rakes and spades as the weapons. Henrietta the Hound is watching it all from the porch and she's bored because she's a much more skilled fighter than either one of my fragmented personas.

There is no point to this post, just some selfish whining. I find selfish whining a very healthy thing to do once in a while, and especially at times when I see the mythology of bloggers being created. Like right now.