Saturday, June 24, 2006

One Further Thought About the Next Post

I went out to the mall to look at this dark-green intricately cut skirt for the third time, and it's still 88 dollars. Too much for a skirt which I don't need, even though it's really "Echidne". Grr.

But while walking around and letting the accountant part of me win the inner argument about what else there might be that 88 dollars would be needed for, I also realized that I forgot the most important conclusion from my first Wingnuttia trip: The reason so many of the Christian ladies support ultra-right economic policies has to do with the fact that they already live "in a different country". They feel no real kinship with the rest of us and they don't want to pay taxes towards schools that they are not sending their children to or towards social services that their church supplants. I'm not sure why they don't care about the poor if they don't, but perhaps the poor, too, seem to belong to some other reality than the Christian fundamentalist one.

If I'm correct, things are pretty worrisome. The country is falling apart right as we speak, into subcultures which can't communicate. And homeschooling children with quite different curricula will further contribute to this collapse and the chasms that are created.