Monday, May 08, 2006

The Oppressed

In the United States the most oppressed, belittled and harmed group consists of white Christian men, most of them straight. It may be hard to believe, considering that just a few moments ago the Supreme Court Justices were mostly Christian white men, and only yesterday the Fortune 500 companies were run by mostly Christian white men and we even used to have a presidency which was passed on from one white Christian man to another. Even the Pope was only recently a white Christian man!

But so the times change, quickly and rapidly, and before you know it, the only people with real power are black lesbians. Just look at the House and the Senate! Black lesbians everywhere! Crafting laws to take even more away from the poor benighted Christian white men! Opening the borders to the brown hordes! Even Caitlin Flanagan bemoans the white Christian man whom nobody loves. The Democratic party doesn't have a single white Christian male representative and they don't want them, either, those black lesbian feminists who rule every minute of our existence.