Thursday, May 11, 2006

Oh My!

It's John Kerry is talking tough:

We've got a government run by people who hold themselves above the law -- in the way they not only treat prisoners in Abu Ghraib, but assert unchecked power to spy on American citizens.

We know the consequences. We witnessed the CIA being bullied by the Rumsfeld Pentagon and the Cheney White House into shredding its credibility with unfounded claims of "slam dunk" evidence for mythical weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

But where's the insistence that - after having lives lost to this abuse of power and more lives on the line - we're going to demand an accountability moment?

Now that the President has tapped the chief defender of his warrantless wiretapping program to become CIA Director, what are we going to do about the nomination of Michael Hayden to head this wayward agency?

I always liked the Ents in Tolkien's Ring trilogy, and there is something about John Kerry that reminds me of the Ents. It's nice to see him get some of that famous lefty anger, too. So he isn't one of those really old Ents who just stand there...