Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Whining Wingnuts

Wingnuts want victimhood. It's really hard to gain when one is in power but never mind. Someone, somewhere must be oppressing the wingnuts-who-are-in-power. If nothing like that is happening (and how could it, given that the wingnuts are in power) then something must be made up. It's important that the wingnuts (who are in power) are always the oppressed ones, the ones whom nobody understands, the ones whom the media ridicules (except here where the wingnuts are in power).

Hence the war on Christmas. Consider this seriously: a country where the majority of people are Christian, a country where Christmas advertizing starts right after Labor Day, a country where you cannot escape hearing "Dreaming of A White Christmas" has a war against Christmas, a war so powerful that this majority is on its knees, silenced, driven out of the public space. What utter crap. Who are these powerful enemies of Christmas, pray, tell me. Where can I tune in to hear about their heinous plans to assassinate Santa Claus or make Jesus speak Swahili (rather than the medieval English everybody knows he spoke)?

The war on Christmas tells us one thing and one thing only, and that is the power of the wingnuts to decide what the media talks about. The victimhood of the wingnuts (who are in power) is similar to a king moaning that he isn't allowed to have as much power over the masses as he used to have. It is not about oppression but about the right to dominate all others. That is what the crying and whining means.