Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Are you happy? The reason I'm asking is that my posts for some time now have been either angry, grumpy or sulky. Not happy at all. I can do whiny, if I try, but I don't think I can do happy. They begin to sound like the seven dwarves...

Which naturally leads me to fairy tales. Most of this world's wisdom is somewhere in a fairy tale and so are most of this world's follies and biases. The Emperor's New Clothes told us all we needed to know about George Bush and the American public long before the emperor himself admitted that he was bare-bottomed (which happened today), and the Princess and the Pea is a precise psychoanalysis of me as a feminist blogger. Every single misogynistic pea leaves a bruise on me unless I blog about it.

Maybe that is the reason why I don't have more happy posts? When I'm all happy I'm not going to sit down and type away for hours, am I? I'll be out carousing with my muse. He is happy, by the way, mostly because he is as thick as a board though a lot more handsome. As muses go I could have done worse.

That's about as happy as I can manage today. Because I just remembered the main thesis of fairy tales: the glorification of female passivity. Just think of the Sleeping Beauty or Rapunzel in her tower or the Snow-White in her coffin. All waiting for the prince to come and rescue them, and to what purpose? At least Cinderella went to the ball, but even she then had to wait for someone to come and offer her the glass slipper.

The fairy tales always end with everybody living happily ever after, but the story isn't telling us how that can be managed. Maybe because happiness is boring and not easy to write about?