Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Thy Own Worst Enemy!

Frightening, and right after Halloween. Digby reports on today's Trent Lott comment:

Wow. CNN is reporting that Trent Lott just said that the Washington Post leak was probably perpetrated by a Republican Senator! Apparently, the gulag was discussed at the Republican-Senator-only meeting last week in which Cheney begged them to back-off the anti-torture policy.

Lott said, "we have met the enemy and he is us." Man a majority leader scorned is fearsome creature, ain't he?

So does this diary on Kos. I do love me some Digby. And I find it a great honor to be allowed to witness the confusion in the wingnut talking points. Lott didn't check his little earwire this morning.

It's so hard to goosestep at the exact same rate, even when you can clearly hear the guy yelling "AnTI AmurriCAN!" Then imagine what happens when there is a mishap like this. Pass the popcorn, please.