Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Chick Vote

Via Atrios I learned that it was the women in New Jersey who assured Corzine's victory in the governatorial elections:

But in the end, the real women's issue in the Governor's race was that Senator Corzine won because women favored him over Forrester by 20 points. He lost narrowly among men.

So, another lesson for Democrats to take to heart today: women are key voters who can help us win elections, not a special interest group.

Atrios had this to say about the results:

The Chick Vote

It's important. People tend to focus on the marginal chick vote on the issue of the week ("security moms!") but it makes a lot more sense to focus on bringing this rather large segment of the population into the party full time.

This is probably irony. Because women are the majority. It's odd that neither political party thinks of that very much in the way they promote their policies except when they try to fine-tune some mostly imaginary marginal group as Atrios points out. Women are pretty much taken for granted, and so are black voters by the Democratic party.

The comments on Atrios's post had a lot of discussion on whether calling women chicks is now acceptable and not sexist. My solution is simple: from now on it will be the chick vote and the dick vote. Fair and balanced.