Saturday, August 20, 2005


I have something on American Street today. More to follow, probably, as well as something here, too.

The nice thing about blogging and not getting paid for it is that I can decide not to write on something important just because I don't feel like writing about it. But it still leaves a guilty conscience. So maybe I should mention that the state of Ohio is going down the Republican drains real fast and that you should read all about it on other blogs, and that we are still killing and dying in Iraq for reasons that were inadequate for all thinking individuals even before the dratted war started, and that the flypaper theory means to lure the terrorists to London instead of New York and it most likely isn't working anyway. And Karl Rove is still a very bad person.

No doubt I will feel like writing about all of this in the near future, once my jet lag is completely dissolved. Hank and Henrietta are finally liking me again, and the garden beckons, too. It looks like a jungle in which King Kong has sat, and needs some stern scissor action and lots of rope. Plus, I have all those chocolate presents from the trip to eat. The ones I intended to give away. It's nice to be a selfish goddess.