Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm Ba-a-ack!

Still jet lagged and that makes me stupid, but I'm back home and quite happy that everything went well. First, my heartfelt thanks to Pseudo-Adrienne who guest blogged so expertly while I was gone. She's one my idols. You can get more of her writings on Alas, A Blog, where you can also read Ampersand and friends.

My European trip wasn't really a vacation but a family visit, which explains the lack of interesting touristy stories. But you might like to hear my most startling observation I made while over there: the large number of young dads proudly spending time with their children. The difference from here is noticeable, as is the difference from my earlier trips. I think that something is changing in Europe, and I'd call it family values.

I have to spend some time getting re-immersed in American politics to post on it in a way which my demanding readers would appreciate, but in the meantime I have some posts on cross-cultural differences and stuff in the oven. Also posts on the dogs: can you imagine that they still haven't forgiven me for my absence? I get a fishy look when I try to stroke them, and then the addressed dog turns and walks away. Probably serves me right, but I really needed some licks myself. Well, I'm the one with the thumbs and the can-opener, so the rebellion won't last too long.