Monday, April 04, 2005

Whom Do You Believe, Thomas Sowell or Your Own Eyes and Ears?

I had to lie down and take a glass of calming nectar after reading in Media Matters for America that Thomas Sowell, a right-wing economist, has said this in a recent column:

People on the political left not only have their own view of the world, they have a view of the world which they insist on attributing to others, regardless of what those others actually say. A classic example is the "trickle down theory," which no one has ever advocated, but which the left insists on fighting against.

What happened? Did I go totally mad at some point? Did I actually assign university students economic articles on the trickle-down theory to read if it was so trivial that nobody had even recommended it? No wonder a minor Greek goddess took over my body; I must have been bonkers already. Or so Thomas Sowell would have us believe.

Thomas Sowell is an African-American wingnut economist. His books are mainly discourses on how minorities can pull themselves up by their Nike shoelaces. But he also appears to be an expert in long-term memory loss.