Friday, April 08, 2005

Fear of Things Smelly and Sharp

Warning: Don't read this if you fear dentists!

Like dental equipment. The whining sound of the drill, the metallic clang of instruments being thrown aside, the smell of freshly-gouged-out blood. You look up and see these faces belonging to aliens, bugeyes staring at you with no emotion, large shields covering the mouths. White fabric-covered arms. They move towards you, something shiny in the plastic-covered fingers. The shiny thing comes closer and closer, and then you see it: the drill, probably with a diamond tip, whining, whining already for your blood. But something clamps your mouth down, starts sucking your tongue in and all your energy has escaped the room. You smell burning, you hear the whining sound, like a mosquite gone murderous and then, then, not quite yet, but now! It hits the nerve.

And then you wake up, all covered in cold sweat, realizing that it was just a nightmare. And you feel so light and happy and it's good to be alive. Until you remember that you have a dental appointment this very afternoon.