Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Today's Action Alert

This is something new we have brewed up with Hecate from the Eschaton and other people whose names I don't remember right now. The idea is to make a note of something worth protesting about and to give people the tools to do so without spending too much time or energy. It's like a gentler, kinder way of kicking the Bush administration's butt. It's also taking a page from the rulebook of the PTC (see the post below)...

So how can you protest today? This is one good way:

President Bush is planning to "reform" Social Security in ways that will essentially destroy it. Write to the AARP and tell them that:
1. You were disappointed in their failure to oppose Bush's "reform" of Medicare;
2. You expect them to stand up and oppose Bush's "reform" of Social Security;
3. Social Security has provided an important safety net that has kept several generations of older Americans out of poverty; and
4. If you're an AARP member or are 55 or older, mention that in your letter.
Write to AARP at:
601 E. Street NW
Washington, DC
Attention: Director of Legislative Action.
Thanks for taking action today against the Bush agenda.