Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Tonight's Debate

A vice-presidential debate is traditionally not regarded as important in the overall race, but this year may be different. The Republicans are preparing for a post-debate attack (see Kos) which consists of e-mailing and calling various representatives of media and of voting in all online polls. The idea is to create a victory for old crackerjaw whether he actually wins or not. This attack, if not responded to by the other side, could mean that a new false meme will be created for the cud-chewing of the pundits. So I have to go out there and e-mail and call and vote, even though I'm tired of doing that by now. But I guess using goddess powers and magic would be unethical? Nah, nothing is unethical in the Republican cookbook!

Randy Rhodes on Air America Radio called tonight's debate a duel between the Prince Charming and the Prince of Darkness. You can guess which is which. But I don't really think that Cheney is any sort of a prince. Maybe a better parable would be between Merry and Sauron?

Cheney is going to attack trial lawyers, I predict. I wonder if he has read about the recent research that shows how corporations use trial lawyers four times as much as consumers? Attacking trial lawyers could be a little bit like shooting your own foot for Cheney. Not that logic has ever hampered wingnuttery.

I'm looking forward to the debate in some ways. I want to see what Cheney does with his jaw, and the debate will give me lots of time for observing it. Though I'm also aware of the fact that he is Bush's brain and the evil spirit behind the Iraq war and the power of oil companies over our lives. And he's not stupid, so the victory of good over evil (borrowing from the wingnut cookbook) is by no means certain in this particular battle.