Friday, October 08, 2004

Hard Work!

Tonight is the night of the second debate which means no Friday night carousing for me. Instead I'll be watching, listening, taking notes, recording and surfing the web. All in the interest of truth. And I don't even especially like politics...

But the times are dire and all honest critics are needed out there telling the media about all the little things they overlook by being so focused on the shining visage of George Bush.

I'm also rooting for John Kerry, but all my comments on this blog will be impartial, honest and insightful! Believe it...

In other news, I got atriosed recently, which was wonderful. For those of my dear readers who don't follow the blogosphere in great detail, being atriosed means that I was mentioned in a post on Eschaton, one of the largest liberal political blogs. So when I came home at night a couple of days ago and clicked on my sitemeter I found that I had had 1800 visitors in the most recent hour. This was very nice, of course, but then I had to lie down and do deep breathing and some nectar study. Even goddesses can be surprised, especially when they expect a number in the low hundreds!

Though there is something about my regular readers that I adore, and in the last few days I've felt almost separated from that erudite and funny group. I'm not sure that I would do well as a major blogger. A minor goddess, now that sounds like the ticket.

Ok. Enough about me. The next few posts will all be solid hard work.