Thursday, September 16, 2004

It's Done With Mirrors, Part II

This is about the possibility that the famous Guard duty memos are forgeries. Yet, as Media Matters points out, the contents of the memos appear to be the truth. Even the White House has not disputed that, and three witnesses have stated this in the context of the most recent debacle. So we may have the odd situation that someone has bothered to forge memos which tell the truth. Or maybe not.

In any case, what is the treatment of these memos in the so-called liberal media? It goes like this:

Primetime broadcasts focused on the issue of the memos' authenticity rather than on the far more relevant issue of whether Bush shirked his Guard duties and, if so, whether he benefited from his family's connections in escaping punishment for shirking his duty. There is ample evidence, wholly apart from the disputed documents, that both claims are true; statements by Knox, Hodges, and Via provide further evidence. While each of the three major network evening news programs -- CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, and ABC World News Tonight -- addressed the memo controversy on September 14, only ABC reported on Killian's former secretary. And of the eleven primetime cable news shows that discussed the CBS memos on the evening of September 14, only four mentioned Knox. Although Via's account didn't emerge until late on the evening of September 14, not a single news program made the connection to Hodges.

Knox, Hodges and Via are witnesses who state that the memos are essentially accurate in contents. All this bolsters my theory that Karl Rove is behind the forgeries if the memos are forgeries. See how there is noise and furor about the authenticity of the memos while nobody even notices the fact that they're telling the truth?