Friday, September 17, 2004

Flop, Flop

The flop-flop presidency! This term is due to cornbread on the Eschaton thread, but it deserves to be shouted from the top of the roofs everywhere. What has NOT flopped under Bush? Except for the bank balances of the wealthy, everything else in this country has gotten worse: incomes are down, employment is down, the cost of health care for the elderly is up, all children are left behind, mother nature is ransacked at will, and most importantly, of course, thousand of people are dead in Iraq because some Saudis butchered people here. I don't even have to mention issues like contempt for women's rights or for scientific inquiry or the eagerness to redefine torture as frat boy games.

And here's another flop I hear from a bathroom somewhere in Florida: Nader is ba-aaaa-ack! Courtesy of Jeb Bush and your other wingnut friends.

Or how about the Gallup poll today? Why is the only poll which predicts Bush ahead getting so much attention in the SCLM (so-called liberal media)? Granted, some commentators point out the confusing results, but how many bother to actually find out why Gallup polls biased and whether this is on purpose? And I'm not calling the Gallup polls biased by accidents. You can learn here and here how it is done and why.

Ok. So I'm angry. Even goddesses get angry, and this is not something humans should cause without a very good reasons. I think that I'm going to rain frogs for seven days now.