Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Too Awful For Words?

"I cannot relate to being obsessed with all this hatred. I just don't get it. It is unspeakable to me. It is dirty. It is wounding. "

Who said this? Some wilting wallflower Liberal? Some testosterone-deficient bleeding heart? Some un-American lefty?

Wrong. These are words uttered by Rush Limbaugh, the braying trumpeter of the boys' own populist conservatism. Rush is aghast at how low the Democrats have fallen, how full of hatred they are. He's trembling, he's shivering, he's full of confusion and dread. Poor Rush.

And what was the cause of his nervous breakdown? Two widows of 9/11 victims, Kristen Breitweiser and Monica Gabrielle, who have been actively demanding better explanations from the government about the events preceding the mass-slaughter. Most recently, they protested the use of the 9/11 material in Bush's election advertisements.

Rush decided that they were plants by the Democratic party, carefully coached to say the right thing. This is what he couldn't stand: that someone would go as far as to exploit the grief of others for a political purpose...

"I'm saying to myself, 'This can't be. The Democrats have not given these poor widows talking points. This just can't be,'" Limbaugh said on March 5, the first time he played the audio of Breitweiser and Gabrielle's statements. "They're going to make me level this accusation? They're going to?" I mean, I'm an observer of life. I watch the news; I see this. If you saw it, too, I'm sure you had to come to the same conclusion. And I'm sitting, saying to myself, 'Can it possibly be that the Democrats are out there accusing George Bush of running an attack ad and capitalizing politically on the attack of 9/11, have actually gotten hold of some widows, some family members, and gave them talking points?'

Because when you listen to what they say, they're all saying the same thing about where Bush was when this happened, and I keep saying, 'There's nothing these people do that will surprise me anymore, nothing the Democrats, nothing the liberals will do. They can't go any lower than they are. They can't have any more hatred than they have. They can't be more bitter than they are,' and they continue to surprise me. They can become angrier. They do become more embittered. They do get slimier!. .

I do like Rush. He could keep a legion of bloggers in business with his incredible ability to spout inanities by the hour, and I appreciate the humor in the reversals that he uses here. This must have been an easy write-up; all Rush needed to do was to borrow any one of the many critiques of his own radio shows. But he's got his facts wrong as usual: anyone who knows snakes could have told him that Liberals don't even count on the sliminess scale.