Monday, March 15, 2004

Marketing Research

I really should run this blog in a more business-like manner. This is the first step towards that, a real marketing survey to find out what my readers desire. You can answer the questions in the comments thread attached to this survey, or just write whatever you feel like!

1. Are you
a) a human
b) a snake
c) a supernatural

2. Which stories do you prefer
a) political ones
b) feminist ones
c) funny stories
d) other (I could write about literature, martial arts, embroidery, antiques, nature, religion or the best way to bite your toe nails)

3. Would you like more bells and whistles
a) yes, please add pictures and music and stuff
b) no, I like the archaic formulation
c) other

Simple and quick! And nobody will call you afterwards! I'll let you know the results with the modal values and margins of errors if anyone answers which is unlikely. Now I'm going out to enjoy a day off from the snakes. You have a great day, too!