Saturday, February 06, 2010

Thank You! An Omelet Post. With Cardboard.

The discussion we had here about making omelets made all the difference in the world! My omelets are now famous everywhere! Moist, yet firm, soft, yet not yielding, full of high morals and fantastic taste. An omelet to be proud of!

And what caused that difference was the thread we had here. Of such small things comes the change in the world. I hope it also works with the political threads.

Here's what seemed to cause the change: I realized that my omelet pan was too small for the number of eggs I was using and that the butter or oil wasn't hot enough. Changing those two details and waiting a while before starting to move the egg mass is what did it.

Now for the next question: Pie crusts. Mine aren't terribly good, unless you have a fad for cardboard. So all advice is welcome. Make a difference between different types of crusts, if you will, because puff pastry is not the same as the other kind of pastry.

What are the crucial things to make the crust good?