Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Spelling Mistake Open Thread

I got a kind e-mail pointing out my spelling error about "grizzly" photos of women bleeding to death from coat-hanger abortions. I appreciate my readers very much because you are intelligent and educate me. Keep the information coming (written on a hundred-dollar bill, preferably).

What's funniest of all is that some of those spelling errors I make are like planting a flag on top of Mount Annapurna for me, because they mean that I have arrived! I make the same mistakes a native speaker does! Yeah, me.

When you learn a language from books you don't spell "recieve." You just don't. The mistakes you make are rather different, and writing the language in general is like trying to masturbate an ant with mittens on. If you get my meaning.

In any case, this is an open thread where you can put whatever is on your mind as Echo commenting system tells us so stupidly. Also any good links or topics of conversation and so on. Do use this resource.

And happy birthday, Eva Cassidy!