Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Powerful Wingnuts...

Do you know who is behind this political attack campaign? Excerpts:

promises "a battle of enormous proportions from sea to shining sea" if President Bush fails to appoint "strict constructionist" jurists or if Democrats filibuster to block conservative nominees.

"Let his colleagues beware," [name deleted] warned, "especially those representing 'red' states. Many of them will be in the 'bull's-eye' the next time they seek re-election."

Sounds strong and scary, doesn't it? Must be someone of mighty powers, someone who can make Democrats quake in their boots. And some of them seem to be doing just that:

James Manley, a spokesman for Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the new Democratic leader, said Democrats had allowed 204 judicial appointments to move forward in Mr. Bush's first term.
"[name deleted] needs to take a moment to focus on the facts," Mr. Manley said.

David DiMartino, a spokesman for Mr. Nelson of Nebraska, said the senator was already an opponent of abortion rights and had never supported a filibuster of one of Mr. Bush's appellate nominees.

So who is this mighty mouse of the right? It is James C. Dobson, a radical Evangelist cleric and the founder of the wingnut farm called Focus on Family. His major political agenda has always been directed towards maintaining a patriarchal family structure, so it's not hard to see why he would be so adamant on the types of judges to be selected for the Supreme Court.

But it is some Democrats who are the real mice here; scared of Dr. Dobson and his wingnut followers, ready to bare their bellies and hand over their basic values.

These Democrats shouldn't be so frightened of Dr. Dobson. Others are keeping a beady eye on them, too, including a few goddesses.