Monday, January 03, 2005

No Technical Problems

I now have a new computer, new in the sense that rich people use it! It is a previously untouched virgin computer! It's hard to enter the room without falling on my knees. The feeling I get is the same as when I get lost in the megamansion district nearby: awe and anger. But now I feel this way about myself. It's like a Rich Goddess has somehow stepped into the Snakepit Inc. and taken over.

Though it's the same old me who has to pay for this luxury. We'll see what I can sell to finance it.

But did you know that computers can actually ask you what you want to do and then they just do it! No need to keep clicking on the Alt-F3 to keep the screen visible, no need to restart every five minutes. And memory!!! I'm wallowing in memory now, memory everywhere, large puffy white clouds of it! I can even fit Norton AntiVirus in! It's almost too good to be true.

Something will surely fail soon.