Friday, January 07, 2005

Barney the Dinosaur is Gay?

There was a time when the Teletubbies were all about homosexuality. Now a much wider selection of characters from children's television shows has joined the fight for homosexuality, according to wingnuts:

A pro-family group is accusing homosexual activists of using popular children's TV characters to indoctrinate young children into their lifestyle. Specifically, the group is questioning the intention of a new children's video featuring those characters.

SpongeBob SquarePants, Barney the Dinosaur, Arthur, Dora the Explorer, JoJo, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Big Bird, Bob the Builder -- those and many others are among the characters starring in a music video remake of the 1970s song "We Are Family" that is designed to promote diversity and tolerance in the classroom.

A special DVD version will be distributed to 61,000 public and private elementary schools nationwide, along with lesson plans for teachers. Distribution of the DVD is being donated by FedEx.

Ed Vitagliano, a researcher for the American Family Association, questions the motives behind the project. The problem, he says, is that it is an "open door" to a secondary discussion of homosexuality.

It must be really hard to be a wingnut: dangers everywhere! Gay cartoon characters, the worry that a fertilized egg might slip down a toilet somewhere, the existence of all those godless East Coast Elitist liberals... I don't know how they do it.
Link by Sanna Emilin